An independent and underground brand created in 2007, @benibla has become an essential reference over the years. The collections are refined, the Benibla style, underground and inspired by the 90s, is more and more identifiable, and it becomes rare not to come across actors of French urban culture who do not enter the family tree of the claw.

If Alkpote is the most beautiful and faithful ambassador, the Entourage of Nekfeu, Vald, Disiz, Oxmo Puccino, Georgio or the youngest Zola or Youv Dee, display all the winged scissors in their wardrobe (or even sometimes in their clips).

But the other hallmark of Benibla’s success is its famous secret events where club members – as they like to call their customers – have to follow stencils with the image of the winged scissors that litter the ground to find the address.

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