The ‘Tour Cord’ keychain epitomizes the perfect balance between simplicity, durability, and functionality. Crafted from recycled polyester cord, it reflects a commitment to the environment while offering a practical solution to organize your keys.
At one end of the cord, you’ll find an aluminum alloy carabiner, designed for maximum strength while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. This carabiner allows you to securely attach your keys to your belt, backpack, or any other attachment point, providing easy and quick access to your keys when needed.
At the other end of the cord is a sturdy iron keyring designed to securely hold your keys. Its simple and reliable design ensures that your keys stay securely attached, preventing the risk of losing them.
The ‘Tour Cord’ keychain is more than just an accessory. It embodies environmental consciousness, durability, and practicality, while offering you an elegant solution to keep your keys handy wherever you go.


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