Immerse yourself in winter elegance with Carhartt’s “Springfield” down jacket for women. Crafted from lightweight recycled polyester taffeta, this piece offers waterproof protection. Some models feature a solid color, while others showcase the seasonal Paisley pattern. The polyester taffeta lining and synthetic down padding provide additional warmth, and the adjustable base allows for a personalized fit. The subtle “Script” logo is printed on the chest.
The composition of this piece includes 100% recycled polyester and synthetic down filling. Its water-resistant treatment makes it weather-resistant. The front zipper closure facilitates easy wearing, and two welt pockets with concealed snap buttons add a practical touch. Carhartt’s iconic “Script” logo subtly underscores the authenticity of the piece.
The “Springfield” down jacket embodies a perfect fusion of functionality and style. Made from recycled materials, it offers lightweight protection against the elements, allowing a choice between elegant solid colors or the trending Paisley pattern. Thermal comfort is ensured by the polyester lining and synthetic down filling. The adjustable base, zipper closure, and well-thought-out pockets add to the convenience of this piece, making it more than just a down jacket: a symbol of style and durability for the modern woman.


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