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The ‘Delray’ short-sleeved shirt is a distinctive garment that combines style and comfort. Made from a innovative blend of 60% Tencel™ and 40% cotton, this shirt offers exceptional lightness, perfect for warm days or summer evenings. Tencel™, known for its softness and durability, harmoniously pairs with cotton to create a fabric that is both breathable and pleasant to the touch.
The design of the ‘Delray’ shirt features front buttoning, offering a classic and refined style. This feature makes dressing easier and allows for adjusting the opening of the collar according to personal preferences or the occasion.
The shirt also features a Cuban collar, adding a touch of relaxed elegance to the garment. This type of collar, less formal than a traditional collar, is perfectly suited for casual environments while retaining a certain sophistication.
A distinctive detail of this shirt is the graphic embroidery located on the chest, on the heart side. This embroidery adds a touch of personality and originality, making each shirt unique. This decorative element is subtle yet impactful, reflecting a modern sense of style and attention to detail.
In terms of fit, the ‘Delray’ shirt offers a loose silhouette, providing superior comfort and freedom of movement. This fit is ideal for those who prioritize ease and a relaxed look, while wishing to remain stylish.
In summary, the ‘Delray’ short-sleeved shirt, with its Tencel™ and cotton composition, front buttoning, Cuban collar, and graphic embroidery, is an excellent choice for those looking for a garment that is comfortable, stylish, and distinctive.

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