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The Prentis Liner model is crafted from a robust 10.03-ounce fleece textile, featuring contrasting details in nylon taffeta and a chest pocket adorned with the Carhartt WIP label. It incorporates a mesh lining for improved ventilation.
The Prentis Liner model is an exceptional piece of clothing designed with meticulous attention to detail. Made from a thick 10.03-ounce fleece fabric, it offers exceptional warmth and comfort in cold weather. This model stands out with its contrasting nylon taffeta details, adding a distinctive touch of style.
Furthermore, this garment includes a chest pocket adorned with the Carhartt WIP label, a testament to the brand’s quality and authenticity. To enhance breathability and comfort, it features a mesh lining, ensuring better airflow.
The Prentis Liner model is more than just clothing. It embodies the harmonious union of functionality and aesthetics, offering warmth, style, and quality in one garment. Ready to face the elements while remaining stylish, the Prentis Liner is an exceptional choice for your winter wardrobe.

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