This garment features a stand-up neck in a contrasting color, equipped with three hidden buttons. This unique design offers a touch of elegance and modernity, allowing for a smooth transition between formal and casual styles. The subtly concealed buttons enhance the garment’s sleek design while offering the flexibility to adjust the collar opening to personal preferences.
The iconic “C” logo patch embroidered on the sleeve remains a distinctive element, highlighting affiliation with a brand known for its quality and style. This carefully executed embroidery provides a visual signature that enhances the overall appearance of the garment.
The ribbed waist and cuffs emphasize the garment’s structure, offering both a secure fit and a finished look. This finish contributes to the durability of the garment while ensuring optimal comfort thanks to the flexibility of the ribbed fabric.
Integrated side gussets provide additional stretch, ensuring a perfect fit and increased freedom of movement. This feature is particularly appreciated in a garment designed for daily comfort and physical activity.
The garment also features kangaroo pockets, combining functionality and style. These pockets offer practical space for hands or carrying small items, while contributing to the relaxed aesthetic of the design.
The soft and warm fabric, with a brushed interior, provides unparalleled comfort and warmth. This quality makes the garment particularly suitable for cooler days, offering efficient insulation while remaining pleasant to the touch.
The garment is made with 400 gsm Reverse Weave Heavy Fleece, a material renowned for its ability to resist vertical shrinkage. This characteristic ensures that the garment maintains its original shape and size even after multiple washes, thus offering exceptional durability.
Composed of 74% cotton and 26% polyester, the blend of materials offers a perfect balance between softness, comfort, and durability. The cotton provides natural breathability, while the polyester ensures the garment’s longevity and stable shape.
Finally, the comfortable and loose fit of the garment ensures exceptional ease and freedom of movement, making it ideal for everyday use. This fit is designed to offer optimal comfort while remaining stylish and versatile, suitable for various occasions.


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