The ‘Photo Strip’ short-sleeved shirt is a remarkable piece that combines comfort and contemporary style. It is crafted from light cotton satin, a blend of 54% cotton and 46% lyocell (tencel), providing a soft feel and a slight sheen. This material choice ensures not only optimal comfort but also good breathability, making it ideal for warmer days.
The design of this shirt is characterized by its loose fit, which ensures unmatched freedom of movement and a relaxed look. The fabric has been pre-washed to add an extra dimension of softness and to prevent any shrinkage after purchase. This initial care demonstrates the attention given to the durability and quality of the garment.
One of the highlights of this shirt is its allover print, featuring images from the Carhartt WIP archives, adding a touch of nostalgia and originality. Each image is carefully selected to create a captivating visual aesthetic, making each shirt almost unique.
Finally, the detail of the Flag Label, discreetly placed, authenticates the piece and the brand’s commitment to quality. This shirt is an excellent addition to any wardrobe, offering a touch of relaxed elegance that pairs well with various outfits, whether for a formal event or a more casual outing.


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