Introducing the “Flower Poster Crewneck” in Cement, an elegant garment that captures the essence of nature and creativity. Inspired by the universal activity of gardening, this piece is not merely fashionable but evokes a story of the connections we forge with nature and each other. Every detail of this sweatshirt is designed to reflect this connection: from the hand-drawn, delicately outlined flower artwork on the fabric to its comfortable fit.
Designed for everyday wear, this model features a regular fit that offers both comfort and style. The ribbed finish at the collar, cuffs, and hem adds a touch of sophistication while enhancing the garment’s durability. The choice of 100% cotton, carefully grown and processed, ensures unparalleled softness and optimal breathability for the wearer, regardless of their setting.
Made in Portugal, a country recognized for its textile expertise and commitment to quality and innovation, each sweatshirt is the result of exceptional craftsmanship. The hand-drawn art on each piece not only makes the garment unique but also personal, like a tribute to the art of gardening that inspires so many people around the world.
The “Flower Poster Crewneck” is thus much more than just a sweatshirt; it is an expression of art, comfort, and human connection, intended for those who cherish these values in their daily lives.


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