The Face Crayon Tee, in a radiant Optical White, is a true homage to delicate, personalized art. Inspired by the names and notes found on flower pots in your garden, this unique design features a hand-drawn face logo printed on the back of the tee. On the front, a subtle hand-drawn logo adds an artistic yet understated touch to the ensemble.
This tee is designed to be comfortable and versatile with a regular fit that suits all body types. Made in Portugal, it is entirely crafted from cotton, offering exceptional softness and ideal breathability for warm days. The garment has been made with meticulous care, ensuring unmatched comfort as well as durability that withstands frequent washes and the test of time.
The artwork adorning this tee is not just decorative; it is an expression of creativity and authenticity. Each piece tells a story, that of a personal connection to nature and art. Therefore, the Face Crayon Tee is perfect for those seeking to wear something unique and meaningful, while remaining stylish and comfortable in their everyday life.


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