The ‘Module Script’ jacket, is an outerwear garment that combines functionality and style with subtle elegance. This jacket is crafted from Denison twill, a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, a wise choice that gives the jacket exceptional strength and durability. The semi-thick twill is ideal for providing protection against the elements while remaining lightweight and comfortable for everyday use.
The jacket is unlined, making it perfectly suited for days when a light layer is sufficient. This feature makes it particularly versatile for transitional seasons like spring or autumn, where the weather can vary.
The front zipper closure is both practical and modern, offering ease of use and a touch of contemporary style. The two front welt pockets are not only a functional element for carrying small essential items but also add an aesthetic touch, contributing to the jacket’s sleek silhouette.
A significant detail of this jacket is the Script Logo embroidered on the chest. This embroidery demonstrates a commitment to quality and adds a touch of distinction, making this jacket an ideal choice for those who appreciate clothing with refined details.
The adjustable cuffs and base of the jacket offer additional flexibility and customization of fit. This allows adaptation to different preferences and needs, while ensuring that the jacket remains comfortable and stylish.
In summary, the ‘Module Script’ jacket is a sophisticated option for those looking for a lightweight but elegant jacket. Its combination of quality materials, functionality, and careful detailing make it perfectly suited for a variety of occasions, whether for everyday use or more formal outings.


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