The Linus Cap is a stylish and practical fashion accessory, designed for lovers of style and comfort. Made from lightweight cotton poplin, this cap stands out for its lightness and breathability, providing optimal comfort even on the warmest days. The fine and soft nature of cotton poplin makes this cap pleasant to wear throughout the day.
This six-panel model features a classic and timeless structure, offering an elegant shape suitable for various face shapes. The Linus Cap is also characterized by a firm, flat peak, a feature that gives it a modern look and a strong style.
The visual aspect of the cap is enhanced by all-over stripes, a design that brings a dynamic touch and distinct visual appeal. The addition of graphic embroidery on the front increases its uniqueness and sophistication, making this cap a true fashion accessory.
At the back, the Linus Cap is equipped with an adjustable strap, allowing for a personalized and comfortable fit. This snap-back closure ensures easy adjustment to different head sizes, offering maximum versatility and practicality.
The cap, with a head circumference ranging from 51 to 58 cm (20.1 to 22.8 inches), is suitable for a wide range of sizes, making it an ideal choice for a varied audience. Made entirely of cotton, it guarantees high quality and durability, withstanding frequent use and washes.
In summary, the Linus Cap, is a perfect combination of functionality, comfort, and style. It is ideal for those looking for a trendy and practical accessory that can complement any casual or sporty look.


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