Knitted Vase Shirt – Off White

The Service Works “Knitted Vase” shirt, in an understated and elegant off white shade, is a true masterpiece of tailoring. This garment is made entirely from 100% cotton, ensuring not only an unmatched soft feel against the skin but also remarkable durability. The choice of pure cotton underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and comfort.
The design of this shirt is enhanced by a five-button closure, a detail that is both practical and aesthetic. Each button is carefully chosen to complement the off white color of the shirt, creating a subtle yet impressive visual harmony. The button closure also allows for a customized fit, giving you the freedom to wear it slightly open for a casual look or fully buttoned for a more formal appearance.
What truly sets apart the “Knitted Vase” shirt are the embroidered details that adorn the front and sleeve of the garment. These meticulously crafted embroideries add a touch of uniqueness and elegance. They represent the artisanal craftsmanship, showcasing Service Works’ attention to the finishes of their products.
In terms of fit, this shirt offers a regular fit, making it suitable for a variety of body types. It contours the body with enough ease to ensure comfort and freedom of movement while maintaining a neat and tidy silhouette. This versatility makes the “Knitted Vase” shirt an ideal choice for various occasions, whether formal or informal.
In summary, the Service Works “Knitted Vase” shirt in off white is a refined and comfortable garment, designed for those who appreciate quality and style. With its 100% cotton construction, elegant five-button closure, embroidered details, and regular fit, it represents an exceptional addition to any wardrobe.


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