The ‘Heart Bandana’ sweatshirt is a bold and contemporary piece, designed for those who seek to combine comfort and artistic expression in their wardrobe. This garment is made from thick, high-quality polyester-cotton jersey. The uniqueness of this fabric lies in the fact that it has not been brushed, a deliberate design choice to preserve its texture and give it a unique and tangible feel.
This piece is characterized by its loose fit, a modern silhouette that offers exceptional freedom of movement and unmatched comfort. This fit is ideal for those who prioritize ease and a relaxed style, while still wanting to maintain a trendy look. The size M is perfectly suited for someone measuring 1.86 m, as demonstrated by the model, thus ensuring an optimal fit for a variety of body shapes.
The fabric composition, with 87% cotton and 13% polyester, combines the natural softness and breathability of cotton with the strength and durability of polyester. This blend not only ensures maximum comfort but also increased longevity of the garment.
The graphic prints on the front and back of the sweatshirt are the most striking elements. These bold and artistic patterns give the sweatshirt a distinctive and modern look, turning it into a veritable wearable piece of art. These prints make the ‘Heart Bandana’ much more than just a piece of clothing: it’s a style statement.


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