The ‘Haste’ messenger bag epitomizes the perfect blend of contemporary style and cutting-edge functionality. Constructed from ripstop cotton-nylon material, this bag withstands the test of time while offering an urban and elegant aesthetic.
Its water-resistant coating is ready to shield your precious items from the elements, whether it’s a light drizzle or an urban adventure in the rain. The main compartment, secured with a snap-button closure, provides ample space to store your essentials with peace of mind.
The ‘Military Label’ detail adds a touch of character to the overall design, reminiscent of the rugged and functional heritage of military gear, seamlessly blending into modern design.
Whether you’re navigating the city streets or seeking a stylish carrying solution for your essential items, the ‘Haste’ messenger bag is the perfect choice for those who demand the ultimate combination of style and practicality. It embodies durability, elegance, and functionality to meet all your daily transport requirements.


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