The GT-2160 is a shoe that elegantly pays homage to the technical aesthetic of the famous GT-2000 range from the early 2010s. Delving into the history of this iconic series, this current version faithfully retains the stylistic design that made its predecessor renowned. The sleek look of the GT-2160, with its characteristically wavy forefoot, evokes a fusion of classic and modern design.
Looking more closely, we find that the segmented midsole is not just a nod to previous designs, but also serves a functional purpose. This feature, in combination with the GEL technology capsules, is directly inspired by the trends of the 2010s. These elements are not just aesthetic; they are essential for providing high-level cushioning, a key characteristic of the GT-2160. The shoe’s industrial aesthetic is another strong point, offering a look that is both bold and sophisticated.
Thus, the GT-2160 is much more than a simple reinterpretation of a classic design. It represents a perfect fusion of respecting heritage and innovating in comfort and technology. Every element of this shoe has been thoughtfully designed to offer an experience that is both nostalgic and decidedly modern to fans of the GT-2000 series.


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