The GT-2160 is a tribute to both heritage and innovation, drawing inspiration from the iconic GT-2000 series of the early 2010s. This shoe is a veritable masterpiece in the world of athletic footwear, embodying both tradition and modernity.
At first glance, the GT-2160 impresses with its sleek design, a direct homage to the aesthetic of the GT-2000 range. The front of the shoe, characterized by its wavy forefoot, suggests movement and fluidity that seem to defy the constraints of traditional athletic footwear. This design, far from being purely aesthetic, is also a commitment to comfort, offering flexibility and adaptation to the foot’s movement.
The heart of the GT-2160 lies in its segmented midsole. This innovative design allows for a strategic division of the sole, providing better shock absorption and increased responsiveness with each step. This feature is particularly appreciated by runners and athletes, as it ensures a smooth transition from heel to toe, reducing fatigue and enhancing the efficiency of the stride.
What truly sets the GT-2160 apart, however, are its GEL technology capsules. Inspired by trends of the 2010s, these capsules are not just a nod to the past; they represent a significant advancement in cushioning. The GEL, strategically placed in the sole, offers exceptional impact absorption while giving the shoe a distinctive industrial look. This combination of style and functionality makes the GT-2160 a must-have for both fashion enthusiasts and serious athletes.
In summary, the GT-2160 is more than just an athletic shoe; it’s an expression of history and innovation in shoe design. It combines style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, positioning itself as a preferred choice for those looking to combine performance with elegance.


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