Craftevo ny66 hooded jacket

The Craftevo NY66 Hooded Jacket utilizes super lightweight and thin Triple Ripstop material made from highly stretchy recycled nylon as both the outer and inner material. Apart from the large pockets at the front hem, the jacket also has two concealed-zipper breast pockets, which are a design feature as well as providing storage capacity. The padding is the innovative high-ventilation cotton padding Vivo from CLO Insulation. The small holes in the padding maintain the perfect balance between ventilation and warmth, and maintain your comfort and prevent stuffiness even in active situations or situations in town with large temperature changes.
This jacket is made with recycled materials making it a great sustainably-sourced clothing option. The material uses recycled threads from a material created by reusing waste threads that occur within factories during the spinning process. The high degree of stretch and high-endurance water-repellant properties make this an excellent choice for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and more. Maintain the correct balance between ventilation and warmth with these innovative materials.


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