The cream GEL-NYC sneaker draws inspiration from a blend of traditional and modern running styles, seamlessly combining the two.
Its upper structure is a nod to the early 2000s GEL-NIMBUS 3 shoe, with added decorative elements reminiscent of the MC-PLUS V. This fusion creates a fascinating contrast between retro and contemporary influences beautifully embodied in the shoe’s design.
The midsole design takes inspiration from the structural system of the GEL-CUMULUS 16 shoe. By combining lightweight foams with GEL technology, it provides maximum underfoot comfort, ensuring a delightful running or walking experience.
The cream GEL-NYC embodies the harmonious fusion of running history with contemporary innovation, creating a shoe that blends style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re a running enthusiast or simply seeking a stylish daily shoe, the cream GEL-NYC offers everything you need to walk or run with elegance and ease.


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