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First of all, the materials need your attention. The latter is completely opposed to the Gel-Lyte 3 collaboration with SBTG (Monsoon Patrol Piedmont Gray). But the seasons seem cool, and many sneakers feature lighter, creamier color palettes. As a result, this one follows the same. For example, the Crêpe de Bois shade of light cream and the Plum Blossom pink make a superb combination for winter!
The leather wall is matched in different shades of off-white. Suede overlays are more dusty and ashy. But the underlays are a sweet vanilla white. The velvety tongue and collar match the overlays anyway. Snowy frosty white on the laces matches the ASICS Gel-Lyte 3 midsole. Thus, the plum pink tint appears on the traditional irregular stripes on the sidewall and on all markings.

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