These shoes are distinguished primarily by their quick-lacing system, designed to provide exceptional ease and speed in putting on and taking off the shoes. This feature is ideal for active individuals who seek to save time while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
The upper part of the shoes skillfully combines two materials: textile and synthetic. The textile, lightweight and available in a wide range of colors, is mainly used for making summer shoes. It brings a sense of lightness and freshness, essential during the warmer months. In contrast, synthetic fibers offer increased strength and durability. Their quick-drying capability makes them particularly suited for varying conditions or activities where exposure to moisture is frequent.
The OrthoLite® insole is a key element for comfort. Known for its ability to combine cushioning and support, this insole also provides good ventilation and helps manage moisture, thus keeping the feet dry and comfortable.
The midsole incorporates the Agile Chassis System (ACS), an innovation aimed at optimizing stability and agility. This system allows for a better response of the foot to varied terrains, ensuring a smooth transition between different walking or running phases.
Finally, the Contagrip® outsole is a hallmark of Salomon, reflecting their commitment to reliability, regardless of weather conditions or surfaces. The Contagrip Outsole, with its balanced mix of density, compounds, and geometry, ensures exceptional adaptability to all conditions, offering optimal grip and durability.
In summary, this pair of shoes combines cutting-edge technology and quality materials to offer an optimal experience in terms of comfort, durability, and performance, suitable for a variety of activities and conditions.


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