For the month of April, the team of The Original did not hesitate to choose the pair of the month of April: The Mizuno Wave Mujin TL from the Future Gardens pack.

The inspiration for the pack

The pack celebrates the peaceful interaction and synergy between nature and man. Mizuno sees technology not as an obstacle but as a way for man and nature to live in symbiosis. The use of advanced technology while respecting nature is a recurring theme in Mizuno’s search for a balance between innovation and tradition.

The use of neutral colors and clean patterns evokes comfort and inner calm and recalls the therapy of plants, whose power can restore peace of mind.

The pair

The pack includes the most innovative styles of Mizuno with an implementation of some technical features.

The different models are dressed in neutral tones with bright color accents inspired by nature and botany. Even though they are all different from each other, the sneakers feature familiar design characteristics of the brand.

The embroidery (located on the tongue), of the Ayame iris, a flower that blooms around May in the wilds of Japan maximizes and represents the connection between this pack and nature. Its marble outsole aligns perfectly with the shape of the pair.

The Wave Rider Mujin TL combines a premium suede and mesh upper with a high-tech performance sole from the trail shoe line and the Gardens of the Future pack.

The upper, based on original artwork by renowned illustrator and designer Tuan Lee, is crafted in a monochromatic palette and paired with a trail outsole in collaboration with Michelin, a brand that has a history of working with Mizuno.

The team’s opinion

The pair is the perfect example of the combination between style, comfort, quality, originality and technique.

Its unstructured and reinforced style, accentuates the idea that we can make a comfortable pair, both in the grip and in the sole because of the Michelin sole.

Mizuno is undoubtedly one of the brands that impresses us the most for the moment.

Each season, the level increases, when will it stop?



Crédit photo: MIZUNO

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