KANGAROOS teams up with two active community members for a pair inspired by the rainbow trout!


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The Made in Germany brand partners with Bisso, a committed player in the French footwear industry, and Max Loewe, a German content creator. A family project for Bisso who involved his daughter on the lookbook and his son for the logo of this collaboration.

The concept of this pair?
Rainbow trout fishing.

The Pyrenees region in France, as well as the Bavarian region in Germany offer great playgrounds for all fishing enthusiasts. The rainbow trout is one of the most fished trout species. The rainbow trout is a species of fish that originated in North America and was introduced to Europe in 1879. Thanks to this magnificent fish, which can be found in Germany, France and elsewhere, Bisso and Max Loewe wanted to highlight the notion of Unity. The one that allows us to work together, without borders, with a single goal, to share this passion.

The pair offers multiple textures and colors with a fish skin effect in reference to the rainbow trout of course.

The Runaway Roos 002 “Rainbow Trout” from the collaboration between KangaROOS, Bisso and Max Loewe will be available from September 25th and limited to 400 pieces!


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