For the second time, the 2002R gets dressed up this spring with new colorways for the protection pack.

It is thanks to Yue Wu, creator of the protection pack and footwear designer at New Balance, that this model is born in 2021. The Japanese designer has exploited what had never been done before but still in the era of time.

The design is very much inspired by the elderly in Boston. Yue Wu saw a lot of old ladies and gentlemen wearing the 993 from the factory store. Torn up but still in working order. That’s when he found his inspiration for the creation of this unusual model.

“Refined Future”, the original name of the pair, was soon replaced.

Interviewed by Colors, Yue Wu explains, “First of all, I want to say that the name “Protection Pack” does not exist. I still don’t know why people call it ‘Protection Pack’. “The first store that launched it invented and called it protection pack”.

He even explains that the name invented by the public and the store devalues the product a bit.

Same models but new colors

With its deconstructed look, the 2023 protection pack version of the 2002R succeeds in gathering the crowds. The new version, available now, remains as effective as ever. With more classic colors than its previous version, they take on the look of the brand’s iconic suede shoes. (Pieces of the layer and upper have been removed to make the pair unique. ) 

4 versions with 4 distinct colorways, Pack Grey (grey), Driftwood (mix of beige tones), Black Grey (mix of black, charcoal grey and light grey) and Navy (mix of pastel blue, navy blue and blue).

It is a victim of its success from the first day of its release.

We can’t wait to see what New Balance has in store for us in the future.



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