L’Original has teamed up with contemporary artist Paps Touré for a collaboration.
For the occasion, the shop used the emblematic signature of Paps Touré: bold and unequivocal pictures.
The L’Original x Paps Touré collaboration consists of two hoodies each featuring a photo of the artist.
L’Original named the two shots “the street” and “coal” (the first referring to the favorite expression he uses on the networks, and the second to make a parallel with the double meaning quite recurrent in the photos of the artist).
In addition to the two photos, there is a numbering on the inside of the collar and an embroidered patch representing the bond between the shop and the artist, namely an unconditional love for the Pitbull breed, which they both own. Finally, in the center of this common logo, the slogan “In dog we trust” which makes this collaboration even more personal.
Paps Touré, a kid from the 19th arrondissement of Paris, is currently the owner of the gallery “Le souffle de L’art”. He scours Paris to get instant and spontaneous shots that brilliantly depict a capital in all seasons. But above all, he shows us through his work, and not without irony, the harshness of life, loneliness or happiness through portraits of lovers or souls left behind, including those of the homeless. Unlike Doisneau (one of his inspirations), the artist never uses staging and favors a black and white that seems to echo the photojournalist Ted Grand, who confided: “If you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul. Whereas in color, you photograph their clothes. “



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