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The British label Kangol is back with a wide range of accessories to keep us warm during the fall/winter 2021 season.
Usually known for being spring/summer accessories, the Furgora Bucket, Casual or the 504 models take a new twist.

Appearing on all the major fall and winter runways, the iconic Kangol hats are back this season with different styles of faux fur and Furgora, in pastel shades ranging from blue to green to yellow.

A trend that is back in the spotlight but at the same time classics that have never gone away!

Originating in the hip-hop scene of the 80’s and 90’s, Kangol hats have become not only a pop culture staple, but a wardrobe staple. In the late 80’s, mid 90’s and early 2000’s Kangol hats were everywhere!
A nostalgic look at some of the icons allows us to realize the impact that the brand and some of these iconic models had. From hip-hop legends like Run-DMC in the late 80’s, to LL Cool J in the 90’s, to R&B singers like Brandy, SWV, Missy Elliot and Janet Jackson adopting a cool and casual style.

Their liberated silhouettes allow for gender-neutral collections. Their flexible structures, easy-going aesthetics and wide ranges of colors, prints and textures also allow anyone to create their own style.
In addition to the style aspect, there is also a practical aspect that will allow you protection from the sun, rain and against cold.

Check out these Kangol originals on our site.


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