“Footwork Specialist” member of the French group Legiteam Obstruxion started Breaking in 1997.
He develops knowledge around Footworks and enjoys sharing his experience in France and abroad.

Jey’s dance is invigorating, built around basic footworks and multiple variations, he constantly searches and pushes for creation.

Let’s learn a little about him …

In what year did you start dancing, in which text & for what reasons?

“I started in 1997, I grew up in a neighborhood bathed in the Hip Hop and American culture of the 80s and 90s, graffiti on the walls, Hype dance, New Jack, Street Ball …
In addition, I was very active, I liked going out, doing course sessions, BMX. The Break interested me and I found a group in a neighboring neighborhood, I started and never stopped.”

What is your favorite pair?

“I’ve had quite a few favorite pairs, the “classic” Adidas Superstar, Puma Suede.
Later, I wore the Reebok Classic Nylon a lot and then the Bolton, more recently I adopted the Mizuno Sky Medal, which has a lot of color, a good shape and good ankle support.”

& The “Original” touch for you is …?

“My Original touch is Classic ^^, let’s say that looking for originality at any cost is useless or just following trends without understanding the basics of a movement, identity or culture is not my thing, a good analogy with dance finally.
You have to try to understand yourself, to create your identity calmly.
Fashion has been blocked in the 90s for almost 10 years already, I’m fine because I grew up in this period I understand the codes.
If fashion comes back to “elephant leg” pants and “pie shovel” shirt glue it will be without me, even if it becomes trendy, I like the Saturday night Fever style on John Travolta but I don’t fit me.
For those who know some classics I will conclude like this:
“Never in the trend, but always in the right direction”.”

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