DFNS raises the bar by offering us their innovative products which is safer for us & our planet. Their aerosol propels the product through the air using Airopack®, that when we spray our pairs of sneakers or t-shirts, it is not volatile chemicals that come out but the actual product. On top of that, the bottles are transparent, allowing us to see exactly what we have left so that we don’t have any surprises. Finally, best of all, we know how to refill the bottles over and over again on their production site.

DFNS therefore offers:

  • The launder”: practical for your trips to refresh, reshape & iron your clothes in a few pshiiiit
  • The protector”: The rain? Not even afraid ! Your feet can breathe under the waterproof pair & you can continue to enjoy one of the muddy festivals.
  • The refresher“: be sure to be fresh in your sneakers for 24 hours, no more bad smells!
  • The cleaning kit”: this contains a shoe cleaner, a high quality brush and a microfiber cloth, which work on all even the most delicate materials such as flyknit, suede and premium leather.

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