In the age of digital technology, Tomrock, the passionate Bboy and meticulous editor of Breakers-Mag, decided to take a different path.

Fascinated and in admiration of some dancers who go off the beaten path to fully live their passion, he decided to take the plunge and fully devote himself to dance.

Bboy since he was 16 years old, he felt that he had not yet “lived his Hip-hop”. He then thought of creating a Break magazine and he wanted to put paper at the service of the Break, at the service of such a vast universe that fascinates more than one!

His approach reminded us of Raphael Stora’s report: “The Promises of the Soil”.
Compared to a vinyl in front of a piece downloaded on iTunes, this discipline is not palpable, this art is not watched in video but lived! It is lived in a Battle, or more simply in a Cypher for example.

He gives the floor to Breakers from all places and universes, as well as from the New School as the Old School! The goal is not to talk about current events but rather to give historical facts.

His first issue is full of good sense and accuracy, nothing to complain about, it is while reading it that we realize that this physical contact with the paper was missing!
This support as we knew it in the 90’s with magazines like Radical, Mondial Basket, 5 Majeur, etc.

This very promising project won us over immediately!

“In the hope that this first book will please the stage, because it is dedicated to it. In the hope that the BREAKERS association sign will allow us to transmit the richness of our culture to as many people as possible in an authentic and new way.” Tomrock (Bboy and Breakers-Mag Editor)

Find the first edition of Magazine Breakers at @L’Original Namur!!!


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