For the first article of brand story, the Original team decided to look at one of our new favourite brands.

We had the chance to talk with us about their brand.

Can you explain the creation of your brand?

During the Covid-19, Goodies Sportive was born as a result of an idea that we have been thinking about for a long time. After years dedicating ourselves to being Fashion Designers for projects of other people or for other brands, We thought it was time to teach him to the world our own speech.

A European streetwear brand, which transmits the aesthetics of athleisure and is inspired by Hiphop culture, which is the one that most represents us. and with which we have grown.

What values do you want to communicate?

The main idea was born as creating a streetwear brand that recovers that pre-internet aesthetic that we long for. Do you know those clothes that your parents gave you? When you were a kid that one that you loved and that lasted many years? That is our purpose, to recover that sensation and this aesthetic in the garments.

We are also advocates that any child in the neighborhood can dress well and with quality clothes, without having to buy luxury brands with prices prohibitive that are only for a few people. Another of the values that we try to defend is multiculturalism in everything we do, we believe that the world is increasingly multicultural, and we try to that our speech be more inclusive and that it does not exclude by race, origin or religion.

Because even if it seems obvious, in our opinion many brands are focused on dressing themselves.

Your nickname, the new kids on the bloks, is directly inspired by the 90’s band?

It is not directly related to the name of the band, although we felt it was a perfect nickname for our presentation. Facing the world, we had the feeling of being the new tenants in a block, where the neighbors already know each other from many years ago.

But in any case that this coincides with a band from the 90’s, it still represents our vision of pre-internet streetwear culture and makes us feel comfortable.

Our boss was born in the 80s and most of the team in the 2000s, and we all love your brand. How did you manage to seduce two generations?

We believe that one of the things that distinguishes us, or at least that we fight to defend… is putting soul into everything we do.

We try not to leave anything to chance. We believe that things done well and with good taste never go out of style. We try to respect the legacy of previous generations and adapt to the day to day with respect and the desire to continue growing and learning.

Anyway, the fact that you all like the brand means one thing, that you have very good taste hahhahaha!!!!

You explain in an interview that you like to tell your story in the first person, is this a way to get closer to your community?

With social media showing off so many new clothing brands every minute, with so many marketing teams trying to grab attention from the public, and with so much information around us… We decided to distinguish ourselves in this way, making amore personal communication, one that you can have with friends and that

is not so formal, a more informal speech. As we mentioned our background comes from Hip Hop and in general in rap culture the way of speaking It is usually closer and in the first person and this seemed to us the most organic way to express ourselves with Goodies Sportive!

In your opinion, is storytelling the best way to create stories around a brand?

We do not know if it is the best, but without a doubt it is the way in which we would do it, we believe that it helps to transmit the message in a clearer way.

Honestly, in everything we do, we try to escape the prefabricated speeches that big companies use to try to appear younger, without noticing that the boss is a man in a suit and tie who only thinks in numbers ($€…) while a team of marketing prepares its campaigns without soul.

We like to always think about the romantic side of things and enjoy what we do.

What is your vision of Athleisure culture today? What significance does it have for you in relation to your personal history?

We believe that the Athleisure philosophy is more and more widespread, every day you see more people wearing athletic clothing in their day to day. Personally We think that being able to go to work in sweatpants, a wool sweater and some shoes  should be fine as long as you feel good with that. 

For our part, We have always tried to make this normal, but the truth is that not everyone liked it… hahahaha!!

In our opinion, you are already well on your way to becoming one of the best streetwear brands. What are your ambitions for the next two years?

We really appreciate your opinion and we are proud that this is your vision of Goodies Sportive. Sincerely, after of the last years of global madness. Due to the pandemic, wars and others, our ambitions for the next two years would be to be able to continue growingdoing what we like, and that more and more people know the brand.

But above all, keep finding people along the way like you who believe and trust in our project 🙂


The team’s opinion

A real streetwear DNA, chic, without fuss and simply effective. The colours are trendy without falling into the cliché of the latest trend. Their sober and pure communication just makes you want to wear their brand.

The team thanks Goodies Sportive for answering our questions. We wish them every success and will be following their news closely.

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