L'Original Namur

The Original is a sneakers shop opened since 2011 and located in the main street of Namur (Belgium), 6 rue de l’Ange.

Our shop tries to be a place where hip-hop and sneakers lovers can gather. We regularly host all kinds of events revolving around music and street art.

Together with our team we try to please as many people as possible in an attractive environment while keeping in mind what drives us : passion.

In Dog We Trust

The store’s two mascots, “Django and Moon”, are ready to welcome you as soon as you enter our store.

Between napping and cuddling, they will not hesitate to come and say hello but do not fear, they are adorable.

This is a perfect reminder of our collaboration in 2021 with Paps Touré. IN DOG, WE TRUST.

Come discover our shop!

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